AOMEI Backupper Pro 4.0.2

AOMEI Backupper is an all-in- one, simple and safe Windows backup and clone software. It integrates series of practical utilities to protect your data and system.

Key features:

System, hard disk, partition, files and folders backup and restore. File Sync.;
Supports full, incremental, differential, event-triggered scheduling and automatic backups;
Backup/Sync file to cloud drive desktop app;
Universal restore, selective restore, restore from bootable media;
Disk and system clone for upgrading HDD or transferring OS;
Mount, compress, split, encrypt, and check backup images;
Email notifications, view logs, and export/import backup tasks;
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11 votes Vote

Backup file format option

If it has not already got the feature and I have not spotted it what about the option to save backup files to hard disk in chunks of 4GB so that you can copy the backup from the hard disk to a FAT32 USB drive if needed.
woz, 17.01.2017, 20:14
9 votes Vote

No notice on storage capacity beforehand...

I tried to backup my W10 system which should have been about 16gb but with this program turned out to be more than 70gb (?) and gave no notification on how many dvds I needed.
laurie askey, 17.01.2017, 14:57
6 votes Vote

Simpler procedure incremental/differential backup.

I usually do full backup as I am unsure of exactly how incremental and differential backup works and have a fear of ruining a good full backup. Great backup software! I searched and searched for something simple and reliable. I tried ACRONIS,...
MORGAN PIERCE POTYE, 17.01.2017, 14:56
1 vote Vote

Let me Install it some where other then C:

CoalRB, 18.01.2017, 07:06
1 vote Vote

Installer should allow location to be specified

The installer doesn't ask where to install the program, always installs on the system drive. That's bad practice.
Felix Crevat, 18.01.2017, 06:22
1 vote Vote

start a backup from the boot disk

as is possible with Acronis.
herb, 17.01.2017, 11:59
1 vote Vote

Have a normal Windows 7 WinPE environment.

When using the WinPE boot disc I would like to see a normal Windows 7 WinPE environment. As it stands, the user can only run the intended software (Backupper) but is not able to do anything else. I have a different software using a WinPE boot disc...
brosmith, 18.01.2017, 04:58
1 vote Vote

Make a bootable clone of the partition with Win10

David, 17.01.2017, 23:54
1 vote Vote

Change the cloning procedure

When cloning, program is assigning drive letters by the function system updating. It results in win10 that recovery partition is assigned drive letter as well (should 'nt be). In windows 7 and lower assigning drive letters results in USB drives...
Ratel, 18.01.2017, 07:27
1 vote Vote

Have option to convert backup to virtual machine

Make it possible to covert HD backup to virtual disc to be used as virtual machine (VirtualBox), best with universal restore as default.
T. Ketelaar, 18.01.2017, 00:34
1 vote Vote

delete log files older than ...

delete log files older than some period which can be set in settings
momo, 27.01.2017, 12:02
1 vote Vote

run scheduled task immediately

run scheduled task immediately (like right click on scheduled task and choose from popup menu)
momo, 27.01.2017, 12:05
0 votes Vote

have boot ISO added to the program

Aomei backupper wants me to download windows ADK before creating boot ISO.ADK for windows 10 is about 6,7 GB...It takes the time
Emir, 18.01.2017, 19:58
0 votes Vote

Backup auto file name from system date-hour-min

Backup file name like: 2017-01-23_19.01 I think this better than 01, 02, 03, etc.
M J, 23.01.2017, 17:02